A 3D hydrodynamic model for coastal oceans

Features are

  • ∞ vertically boundary-following coordinates with adaptive internal layer distribution
  • ∞ cartesian, spherical and curvilinear horizontal coordinates
  • ∞ nonlinear free surface with split-explicit mode-splitting and robust drying-and-flooding capability
  • ∞ state-of-the-art vertical turbulence closure from GOTM
  • ∞ efficient subdomain decomposition for massively parallel applications
  • ∞ optional nonhydrostatic extension
  • ∞ fully-coupled biogeochemical modelling via FABM
  • ∞ coupling interfaces to ESMF and OASIS
  • ∞ active user-forum
  • free and open-source
After moving to a new CMS, this website is still work in progress. Manuals and Howto's will be added step-by-step.

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